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The best on-line clothing sites Pssst! End of the month is getting close? Don’t worry, get on-line and spend the last few bucks left in your purse for those stylish numbers that no-one else will probably wear near you. If you happen to live with your man sharing a bank account, don’t forget to clear the browser history…(and don’t mention either if you find something fishy there):)!

So, here is a list of my favourite Cheap ‘n Chic clothing websites:

1. LookBookStore.com 

For all things crochet and lace you gotta love this site – tops and dresses from 20USD – here are my absolute favourites I just bought:

2. Rare London.com 

Look out for brands Limited Edition or Paprika. Check the sales out – sometimes even under £10 you can find decent dresses. My favourite ones are the adorable prom dresses, I bought a turquoise piece that still waiting to be showcased 😉 This is a site that you can trust that the clothes are not coming from Asia (directly…)

3. SheInside.com 

You can find cool pieces on this site for very much below the market value, but the shipping takes a long time and if you email them they take forever to get back to you. They ship from Singapore but the quality is surprisingly okay. I had to however send them three emails for them to realise one item was missed from my package I paid for. Nonetheless, the pieces I bought made up for the customer service nonsense. I am absolutely in love with my ‘football field look a like sweater with golden collar sequin pattern’ or my b&w dress shown on the picture below. My advise is that always look out for the length of the dresses to ensure you can wear them out and your ‘popshe’ – Hungarian for bum does not show at every twirl you make….

I am still looking to find my festival + seaside boho chic ‘n sexy pieces so let me know if you come across another site that promises simple but glam looks.

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