k♥stories – Best Moments of 2013

‘Carpe Diem’ – right? One of the most misused words worldwide. It actually means one should do all one can today to make one’s future better. In order to do better we need to understand the present + the recent past. In my book understanding comes from reviewing. Hence I decided to write a random shortlist – really short, don’t you worry 🙂 of outstanding moments of my past year so it can provide a base for my case study on how to do it better next year. How to collect moments that will mean something for my future. What ARE valuable moments?

#1 moment #Falling in Love


You know those goosebumps, the lifting stomach, the bulging beat, the excitement, the top of the world feeling? That is it. That moment when you realise to give in. Give in to love and accept to fall in love with absolutely anything. Falling in love with colours, people (of course), momentary roles, music, tedious tasks you manage to master, art, shapes, thoughts. Absolutely anything & everything that surrounds You. Love it. It will love you back I promise. And that is when you have the necessary  inspiration + motivation.

#2 moment #Appreciation

2appreciationI walk past by the same old block of buildings every day. Once I looked up and noticed a wonderful work of art: a group of statues sitting quietly on the corner facade of long stripped greyness. That’s when I stopped and fully realised the layers of meaning one artwork can trigger in our mind. How we are able to interpret others’ view of the world we live in. And how sharing one interpretation can lead to another sense of significance. And yet how often do we actually give ourselves even only 5 minutes to get lost in the flow of our thoughts? How often do we stop to appreciate people around us, beauty that was meant for us to realise? A list of causes for appreciation can go on forever I hope. It certainly starts with tearful laughs, rock solid friends, an unforeseen helping hand, inspirational art and the city we chose to live in.

#3 moment #Harmony

3harmonyA pleasing combination of elements. A study of the structure, progression, and relation of chords. Agreement in action, opinion, feeling. Most ideal state of mind & soul? If we think of every task, day, item of clothing, surrounding we create / design / accept / achieve all the time we can ask the question WHY? Why do it all over every day? Where do we get the energy, the willingness from, that we apply relentlessly? Can it be that every day is a review of structure? Is every experience a different melody until the tune sounds right? I think so. If self healing exists harmony is the key. To master the world we may have to master our Self first and that requires agreement with feelings, opinion and action. Free thinking, restructuring, measuring reactions is a must. Harmony may follow.

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  1. You are a born writer! 🙂

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